Floatation therapy

In sensory deprivation

« Find the peacefulness you’ve been looking for »

What is floatation ?

Floating means letting yourself be carried by the water in sensory deprivation for 1 hour and experiencing the sensation of weightlessness. Also, Floating means isolating yourself in a cocoon outside time and space, protected from noise and visual pollution… Finally, it means refocusing on your sensations, your inner world and your intuition. It means taking the time to relax deeply and regenerate.

For many of our visitors, floating is the ultimate relaxation experience!


Reconnect with yourself through deep relaxation

Our float tank
gives you the space

to get away from the
hectic city life

What makes us so special

We design our own experiences

Cabine de flottaison, paris, olympiade, flotter, isolation sensorielle, lyon, bulles à flotter

Inspired by the research of John C. Lilly, we have designed our own float rooms to offer you a unique relaxation experience. Spacious, soundproof and at body temperature, our floatation tank have been perfected by our designers over more than 10 years to give you the space you need for deep relaxation. 

Come and discover this unusual experience in Paris at our meiso centres! 

flottaison, meiso, isolation sensorielle, paris, lyon, bassin, flotter
flottaison, meiso, isolation sensorielle, paris, lyon, bassin, flotter

Our centers meïsō

True Oāses of well-being, our centers ( meïsō ) have been designed to take you on a gentle journey. They have been designed to allow you to enjoy a well-deserved break.

To create them, we have combined Japanese inspiration, cocooning and kindness. You’ll discover sensory isolation, contrast therapy, our treatments and much more!

Welcome to Meïsō, welcome home!

All the benefits for your body and mind

For the Body

As you float, your muscles and joints relax deeply. This relieves muscle pain caused by inactivity, particularly in the back, neck and shoulders. On another hand, you can speed up muscle recovery after intense physical exercise by floating. Many athletes have experienced our floatation therapy and recommend it.

Intellectual activity

The physical relaxation created by the sensation of weightlessness while floating facilitates access to altered states of consciousness conducive to introspection, creativity and meditation. Floating at meiso will improve the quality of your sleep and your ability to concentrate.

Psychological benefits

The meditative state of floating creates the space you need to release stress and clear your mind. The introspection and deep relaxation induced by floating at meiso help you to let go of addictions and promote the reduction of other psychological disorders. Isolation through floating allows the theta brain wave to appear, which helps with meditation.